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What to Pitch to Media in February

While it might feel like long summer days are still nowhere near, in February, major magazines, daytime TV talk shows, and top podcasts will already be planning out their summer features, which typically require pitches 90 days in advance. Get ready to share your summer stories and must-have everything to capture their attention. 

Additionally, consider using these pitch topics as content ideas for social media. When the media check out your digital presence, they can see you demonstrating the expertise you pitched about. 

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A previews of the sheets that come in the bundle for social media content planning
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Graduation: They grow up faster than a Kanye beat drops. The major blogs are prepping for those graduation-themed rundowns, and lucky for you, you're ahead of the curve. Time to channel your inner genius for graduate and academic story ideas or marketing moves. From last-minute gifts to career wisdom, finance flows, and dorm decor dreams – embrace those graduation vibes and secure your spot in the limelight, Kanye-style.

Dear Mama:  Magazines, blogs, & influencers are clearing out their Amazon lockers to make room for samples of your bestselling gifts for Mother’s Day.  Expect gift roundup opportunities popping up daily on HARO, but note you will most likely have to send them samples in exchange so govern your inventory & shipping budget accordingly.   

Vegan Month: In May, vegan brands and experts, this is your time to shine! Craft your pitch for Mother's Day gift guides with a cruelty-free perspective. If you're a chef or nutritionist, showcase some easy vegan recipes. Consider contributing as a writer, sharing why veganism is a core part of your brand, and aim for syndication to spread the word. Let's make May the month everyone's talking about the vegan lifestyle!

Summer Love Alert: As Cuffing Season bids adieu, major magazines are on the lookout for May stories. It's time to spotlight all things summer, from beach baecations, outdoor living, backyard barbecue recipes, summer makeup, hair, and everything in between!

Mental Health Awareness: Mental health convos are always in the spotlight, and with the whole month of May on deck, there's a golden chance to dive into topics like mental health disparities, self-care vibes, clients and staff opening up about their mental health journeys, and pieces inspired by that work-life balance hustle. Let's keep the dialogue going strong!

Summer Reading Roundups:Jet-setting authors, get ready to share your literary adventures! As travel and business books take center stage for plane ride reads and luxury escapes, bloggers are on the hunt for authors with captivating recommendations. Don't miss the chance to seamlessly weave in your own book among your list of favorites when the vibe is just right. Let's turn those pages and spread the word!

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