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What to Pitch to Media In January

Hey there! Happy New Year, y'all! Whether last year was a total glow-up or just meh, January's here to pump us up for a fresh start. Let's kick off our 2024 marketing strategy by sliding some story pitches to the media.

I know, thinking about spring vibes might be a stretch right now, but in just 90 days, big media outlets start dishing out all things Spring – and we wanna be ready! Think stories about tech, fashion, and beauty for those cool festivals like SXSW, Coachella, and ESSENCE Festival. Even if you're not hitting those events, a festival-themed campaign can still draw eyes our way.


Next up, let's go green! April's Earth Day scene is prime time for magazines and talk shows to spotlight eco-friendly stuff. And guess what? Deadlines for April stories are creeping up, so let's pen an op-ed on climate change or chat about the recycled gear we're using. Oh, and why not jazz up the office with energy-efficient gadgets?

National Garden Month's also coming – perfect for pitching stories about plant-based goodness. From spicing up outdoor décor to those edible flowers for cocktails, it's the chance for all you plant lovers to shine!


Now, 420 in April? That's a vibe for stories about cannabis, new products, dope tunes, and even the push for legalization. We're talkin' lifestyle features, product buzz, and rallies that make a statement.

And remember, National Financial Literacy Month calls for stories about financial wins and smart solutions. Media's on the hunt for finance pros, so let's keep an eye on those opportunities with platforms like HARO.

There's a ton more in April – Allergy Season, White House Easter Egg Roll, and even shout-outs for Fair Housing Month.

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